My Story

How 1 book, 1 event, 1 person saved my life

Born and raised in Paris, I had my first taste of entrepreneurship at 10 year old by selling imported chinese phone chargers during school recess time.

The entrepreneurship spirit hit me early on - but so did depression

Everything seemed fine on the surface but I was having an existential crisis inside. I felt terribly lost, and suicidal because I randomly picked up Tony Robbins’ book “Unlimited Power” in a bookstore and something just clicked when I read it. Reading the book helped me more in 2 days than 2 years of antidepressants & therapy.

I knew I was at a turning point of my life... the choice was either staying where I was or taking a leap of faith in myself.

So I used my “life savings” (17 years of untouched christmas & birthday money) flew from another continent in the middle of the school week to attend Tony’s event in LA.

His event was the red pill that made me realize I was 100% responsible for everything in my life. I moved to the United States couple months later to surround myself with top entrepreneurs while exploring what kind of business I wanted to build.

My Ah-Ha Moment

During my freshman year in college, one of my personal goal was running the NYC marathon. I invited friends to join this challenge but none were interested. So I ran alone.

I couldn’t run more than 2 miles when I first started. But after training almost every day for 6 months, I was finally running across New York City. It was a surreal moment - with more tears coming down my face as I got closer to the finish line.

But there weren’t tears of joy, they were tears of deep unfulfillment. I felt worse crossing the finish line without having anyone to celebrate with than the times I was suicidal.

It made realize that achieving success alone is the ultimate failure.

And I was even more afraid to run my life the way I ran this marathon: chasing after money, fame, personal accomplishments - thinking I will be fulfilled & happy once I achieved those things.

Life’s best experiences are shared with people you truly care for. It’s not about the destination but about sharing the grind & journey to greatness along withlike-minded friends.

That’s when I built my first 6 figure business by hosting events for entrepreneurs & tribe leaders under 30.

Hosting a conference grew my authority, connections, and influence. It also opened so many doors for collaborations and partners with path brothers and sisters.

But I faced one last challenge...

The Event Business Is

NOT Scalable & Sustainable

Think about it.

You spend 6 months getting speakers, sponsors, and attendees to your event, pay high prices for your venue, and once the event ends... everything disappears as you need to restart the process all over again for your next event.

If you don’t have an existing email list or audience, there are tremendous financial risks to hosting an event.

It takes a lot of resources for little long-term R.O.I.

And that’s how, out of frustration, I found the ultimate solution to build your tribe, grow your influence, and get leads for your business at scale.

Virtual Summit = (Live Event) + (Webinar) + (Podcast)

I hosted my 1st virtual summit in 2017 - and had over 1,000 attendees without spending 0.01$ in marketing. I replicated my system across different industries such as Real Estate, PR, blockchain or online marketing ~ and results kept getting better.

All virtual summits we’ve helped launching systematically had over 5,000 attendees & generated close to 6 figure in profit despite not having any existing list or connections to industry leaders.

We’ve also cracked the code on how anyone can get paid & be profitable before the virtual summit even launch (hint: sponsorships)

I’ve created a virtual summit agency called Lead Next Gen: helping leaders of the next generation apply the next generation of lead gen strategies for their businesses.

If that is you, and you need support, let’s explore how we can best serve you:)

Ready To Launch a Profitable Summit?

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