How Our Process Works


Consulting Call with a Summit Strategist

The first step, before we begin, is to make sure you have profitable summit roadmap and whether it makes sense for your business to launch a virtual summit.

It is not a sales call. This call is about determining whether or not we should work together.


The North Star Method

The next step of the process starts with what we call “The North Star” Method. We will have an in-depth conversation with you and help you define the success parameters of your summit.

  • 1
    Clearly articulate what your summit is about
  • 2
    Define exactly who your audience is
  • 3
    Understand precisely why that audience will care about your summit
  • 4
    Specifically outline how you will use the summit to benefit you and your business
  • 5
    Creating irresistible offers for your attendees


The Outline Phase

Once the North Star Compass is created, we will jump in the outline phase.

This phase is about turning your summit theme into a profitable event. You will do up to three calls with our team.

First, you will go over your North Star Compass again to make sure it is correct and exactly what you want. Then we will create a rough skeleton outline of your summit, almost like a table of content.

Once the table of content is created, we are going to write the copy of your landing page. We will make sure everything is 100% in line with what you wanted on your summit page.

Once you are happy with it, you’ll lock the outline, and we’ll move to the next stage. By your fourth call, your outline will be 10 to 20 pages of information.

Team Note: It’s crucial to the process that we take the necessary time to ensure the outline is accurate and lock it in before moving to the next phase. To use a building analogy, we don’t want to start construction with an inaccurate or half-done blueprint.


Reach-Out & Scheduling Phase

After locking your landing page copy, the next step is securing your summit speakers, sponsors and affiliates.

Speakers: We will provide resources for you to find & book your dream speakers for your summit. It is critical for the summit host to reach out and confirm speakers himself/herself as it helps you builds relationships. We will share you templates of irresistible summit invitation ready to be sent out.

Sponsorship: Getting sponsorships is how we ensure your summit can be profitable before you even launch. We will show you how to secure quality sponsors to pay for your entire summit so that any sales you make of your course and up-sell are all extra cheese on top.

Once speakers & sponsors are confirmed, our team will be in charge of speaker & sponsor management such as: interview scheduling, speaker & sponsor contracts, summit information detail & questions to review before interview.


Web Design & Email Funnel Setup

Our Design Team will create the web infrastructure of your summit.

The summit will be optimized for the highest conversion rate and flawless customer experience. While you conduct your interview, our copywriter will write the marketing copy for Facebook Ads + dozens of email sequences for your attendees & summit partners.

We will present you the content portfolio and have them reviewed before running them.


The Marketing Phase

Our Marketing Team will work with you to create a rock solid foundation for your virtual summit and to set you up for continued success.

We’ll consult with you early on in the process to create a custom marketing plan, and our team supports this plan by generating reviews, sales, and media attention during the first week of your summit launch. As you finish your interviews, you’ll have a consultation call with our Marketing Manager.


The Launch Phase

As the summit launch date approaches, you’ll have clear instructions on how to galvanize support from your friends, family, and distant connections & exact action steps to growth hack your organic reach.

We’ll launch a mass email campaign to your contacts, release your virtual summit through summit partners we’ve gathered to promote your event on social media and social news sites.


Post-Launch & Evergreen Funnel

After the summit launch, we will make sure the momentum you’ve created doesn’t die. The goal of this final phase is to finish strong: creating a baseline of reviews, attendees, and media attention to continue building from—with the advice in your marketing plan and course—as you begin your life as an authority leader.

Our team can also provide continuous summit management support & help you transform your summit into an evergreen funnel.

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